Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – new launch trailer and screens

To celebrate the recent launch of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, developer United Front Games and publisher Square Enix have released a launch trailer and a few new screenshots. The game is now available in Europe and other PAL territories, while American gamers will get it on October 14th. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Below you’ll find all major enhancements of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, in addition to said screenshots.

  • Improved, higher resolution textures, improved lighting, and higher number of particle effects
  • Higher detailed character models
  • Volumetric fog (i.e. fog/smog/mist/steam is now present in the game world)
  • Increased pedestrians and traffic density
  • Rebuilt sound engine to heighten realism
  • More destructible objects in hand-to-hand fighting sequences
  • All 24 DLC packs have been integrated into the main game. Some of the story DLC is available from the main menu, others have been integrated into the game world itself (i.e. travel to a certain point in the city to access DLC missions / DLC outfits can now be accessed in the Night Market).

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is set in a fictionalized version of Hong Kong, China. The game tells the story of Wei Shen (Will Yun Lee), a San Francisco police officer, who was transferred to the Hong Kong Police Force and tasked with infiltrating and destroying the Sun On Yee Triad organization. There are two sub-plots contained within the main story line. The first is Shen’s personal struggle between completing his mission as a police officer and having to commit crimes to prove his worth to the Triad, while the other involves completing missions assigned by a Triad lieutenant, including assassination of Triad members loyal to other lieutenants.

During development, United Front staff visited Hong Kong to conduct extensive field research for the visual environments and sound. Upon its release in 2012, the game garnered very positive reviews, particularly for its combat, voice acting, experience system, and depiction of the city, but was criticized for its graphics, camera, and animations. The game sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide within a year.