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Sorcerer King – Beta 1.1 Patch now available

Stardock Entertainment released a few days ago a new Sorcerer King Beta 1.1 patch which includes a series of important fixes and additions to the game. Sorcerer King in not that front page title everybody talks about, but it’s quite an interesting turn-based 4x strategy game which introduces a brand new direction for 4x game design, according to producers. The player will be taking on an overwhelmingly powerful enemy instead of a set of evenly matched factions. You will be facing the mighty Sorcerer King, an evil mage who has already conquered the world, while his army of dark minions terrorizes the remaining survivors all throughout the land, except a few tiny shreds of civilization in which you will first start. You will gradually build your kingdom in a mission to defeat the king’s monsters and finally, the feared Sorcerer King. Take a look at the Beta 1.1 patch notes:

+ Spell to reduce Doomsday Counter added (still working on the visual FX though) 
+ Outposts can now fire on multiple units per turn 
+ Added WASD map controls 
+ Additional tactical battle special abilities added for a number of units 
+ New portrait art when selecting a number of structures 
+ New abilities hooked up for Elemental Damage types 
– Weak Resistance to Cold, Fire & Lightning (10% defense to these types) 
– Sensitive to Cold, Fire, and Lightning (10% more damage taken by these damage types) 
– Most Beasts were made sensitive or vulnerable to these elemental types 
– minor units were given the appropriate buffs / debuffs 
– Some magic users were given buffs to elemental types 
+ attack types added (ex. “Cold” attack/defense/resist) 
+ added Healing Spirit ability: Any army with this unit gets +3 HP per turn on the overworld map. 
+ circle of magic improvement added (unlocks Archon) 
+ more quests added 
+ Updated balancing on units 
+ More quests are now spawned on maps 

Notable Fixes 
+ Potential fix for terrain performance issues on low end machines 
+ Fixed “Marching Orders” sovereign skill 
+ Fixed Tactical Battle initiative list highlighting when mousing over units 
+ Fixed Summon Wisp spell 
+ Fixed animation issues around auto-resolving combat on the strategic map 
+ Citadel now properly unlocks the Paladin unit 

Sorcerer King features an asymmetrical gameplay in which your goals  (kill the Sorcerer King) are entirely different from those of the Sorcerer King’s (destroy the shards and implicitly the world). The Sorcerer King will play by his own rules and will operate at a much higher level than your limited resources will enable you to. A complex “Game Master” AI will have full control over his great powers and other events taking place in the world of the game, “managing pacing and creating threats to ensure an engaging game from start to finish.” Sorcerer king is currently available for pre-purchase on sorcererking.com. The full version of the game is set to launch in early 2015. 

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