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Shipments of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate surpass 2 million units in Japan

Capcom announced yesterday that shipments in Japan for their Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (titled Monster Hunter 4G in Japan) 3DS game have surpassed the 2 million units mark. This number encompasses sales of the downloadable version of the game through download cards and via the Nintendo eShop. The Monster Hunter series has a hunting action theme that portrays mystic clashes between fantasy heroes and giant monsters in beautifully depicted environments. It’s a title that started new trends in Japan, and the well known “Monster Hunter Craze” after the employment of a new communication feature available through cooperative play – a mode in which players are able to engage in a monster hunt with their friends.

The number of fans is still on the rise, while total Monster Hunter sales have gone well over 31 million units as of October 15, 2014. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the sequel of the highly acclaimed Monster Hunter 4 – which sold over 4.1 million in copies. This new title features new monsters and a series of other new elements while maintaining the same world view and qualities of its predecessor. Players will now be able to import most of their data from Monster Hunter 4 into the Ultimate sequel. Capcom plays both developer and publisher roles very well, as proven in their latest marketing campaigns. This know-how has culminated with the booming sales of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate just 5 days after the game’s release. Capcom is not willing to stop here, and has planned a series of promotion events aiming to reach a wider player segment.

Starting this October, a new Monster 4 Ultimate event called “KariCon – Let’s go hunting with MH4G” will go live, as a joint-venture with Linkbal Inc., scheduled to arrive in five big cities. On top of this, Capcom will host “Monster Hunter Fest ’15,” starting with January, 2015. This campaign will continue to follow its course through collaborative events with companies from outside the gaming industry to further enhance the Monster Hunter franchise. A successful game developer knows how to do its developing and marketing homework well, and Capcom is one of the greats in this department.  

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