Archos VR will be the cheapest VR headset you can find

Virtual Reality headsets and goggles have become quite popular since Google Cardboard, Oculust Rift and Samsung Gear VR have hit the market. While we are enthusiastic about these headsets, as well as about Google Glass and the Sony’s Project Morpheus, there’s a new company hopping on the VR train. Epson has already made its debut with the affordable Epson Moverio¬†BT-200, it seems that Archos, who we’ve known as a smartphone manufacturer, is planning to launch the cheapest VR headset to date.

Archos has been known so far for its budget-friendly handsets such as the Helium, Platinum and Titanium smartphones. Now, it seems that Archos wants to get in on the virtual reality trend and is making its own headset to match Gear VR and Carl Zeiss VR One. While you can find VR headsets for $100, the Archos VR will be the cheapest you can get your hands on when it gets released. You will only have to put up $30 to get the Archos VR goggles, which is quite impressive. Google Cardboard will set you back around $50 if you make it yourself, but Archos VR gets you the same experience, without the hassle.

Archos VR might become the cheapest virtual reality headset you can find

Ardchos VR will supposedly work with any smartphone smaller than 6 inches and running iOS, Android or Windows Phone. The fact that Archos is including Windows Phone in its supported devices list is great, since it’s among the first VR headsets to do so. While Carl Zeiss’ VR One is similar, it only allows for certain Android and iOS devices, but no Windows Phone. Archos VR should be compatible with all the virtual reality applications already out there, which would be great. Archos also wants to release a dedicated video player app that will allow users to watch movies in virtual reality.

Archo VR aren’t the most attractive googles

According to Archos, the Archos VR should be available for purchase in November and you will be able to order through the company’s website. The company also recommends a quad core, 5 inch phone with a 1080p display for optimal immersion, so you might want to upgrade your phone if it doesn’t meet the Archos VR minimum requirements. We haven’t had the chance to test the goggles out yet, but we hope they turn out to be at least as good as Samsung’s Gear VR or Carl Zeiss’ VR One. Even so, $30 is not a big investment, and Archos VR would be a great holiday treat for the whole family.

Archos VR works much like Google Cardboard