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Civilization V is free on Steam this week

With Civilization: Beyond Earth coming out on October 24th, 2K Games decided to help fans of the series pass time easier. This week, Civilization V is free on Steam.

Usually, Civilization V costs $29.99 on Steam, with expansion packs available either individually or through the Complete Edition. The individual DLC, such as Brave New World or Gods and Kings each cost $29.99. The Complete Edition, which contains the previously mentioned packs, plus Civilization V: Babylon, the “Craddle of Civilization” expansions, Double Civilization, the Scenario Packs released so far and the Scrambled Nations and Scrambled Continents map packs, costs $49.99.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. It was released in September 2010 on Windows PC, in November 23, 2010 on Mac OS and in June 10, 2014 on Linux and SteamOS. In Civilization V, you have to take a civilization from prehistoric times to the future. In Beyond Earth, however, the story changes. The new installment will have players colonize different planets, as people have to leave Earth. A new feature of the game is the inclusion of ‘affinities’. These are philosophies on human advancement that affect the way you colonize the planet. First of all there is the Harmony affinity, which aims to co-exist with the planet through genetic modification. Those who choose this affinity are able to domesticate the natives. Then, the Supremacy affinity is based on the advanced technology. If you choose it, you will be able to use highly specialized units that aid each other in the field. Last, but not least, the Purity affinity is isolationist, as those who choose it have to build powerful structures and attempt to make the new planet similar to Earth.

Long story short, if you want to play more Civilization before the next installment comes out, head over to Steam and claim your free digital copy for Civilization V.

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