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Galaxy Note Edge to be launched on October 23
Galaxy Note Edge to be launched on October 23

Galaxy Note Edge to be launched on October 23

The Galaxy Note 4 has already begun its fragmented rollout to international markets, with prices varying from $800 to $700 in the U.S. The Galaxy Note Edge hasn’t been released yet, but we did find out that Samsung only has 1 million units available for sale at the moment. October 23 has been set as the release date for the Galaxy Note Edge, but it is limited to Japan for now. The Galaxy Note Edge has a hanging screen that brings a touch of innovation to the basically Galaxy Note 4 build and specs. The edge screen on the Galaxy Note Edge allows for third party apps to be loaded and lets users use it for viewing messages, the time, as a measurement unit, to check out notifications with more to come.

The Galaxy Note Edge will finally be arriving to Japanese customers on October 23 at NTT DoCoMo. The Japanese carrier will also start selling the Xperia Z3 on the same date, so it should be a busy day for the company. Although the Galaxy Note Edge does eclipse every other phablet out there, the Xperia Z3 does have an excellent battery and waterproof certification to boast with. Japan is the first country to get the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, but Samsung says that other countries will be receiving the innovative, yet unconventional device soon enough. The Galaxy Note Edge price hasn’t been revealed yet, but we suppose that its price will be around $800 or $900, if not more.

Galaxy Note Edge to be launched on October 23
It won’t be easy finding a case for the Galaxy Note Edge

U.S. carriers have said that the Galaxy Note Edge will be available in most of their shops, but considering there should only be a limited number of Galaxy Note Edge units available, we don’t see how a retail plan for the device will be made possible. While we don’t know the Galaxy Edge release date in the U.S. yet, it should hit the market by the end of the year, if we listen to rumors flying around. Even though the Galaxy Note Edge price is also expected to be high, if the gadget will be made available to the general public, like in Japan, it will surely be a hit among smartphone enthusiasts.

Its unique hanging screen does pose the question of how you will put a case on that. That piece of display hanging off the Galaxy Note Edge will be prone to injuries, so to speak, because it is completely exposed. Imagining a case that would allow users to still use the hanging display but still protect it at the same time is a bit hard to imagine at the moment, but we’re sure Samsung will be coming up with an idea for an unconventional Galaxy Note Edge case. Whatever the case may be, we are excited to see the Galaxy Note Edge finally launched, even though far away from U.S. shores. We will keep you posted about when the Galaxy Note Edge will be arriving in the U.S.

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