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Dark Souls 2 and lots of other Bandai Namco games available at 35% off until next week

Publisher Bandai Namco is currently hosting a pre-Halloween sale for a bunch of their Steam games. All the offered titles come at a discount of 35% off, with the promotion being available until October 27th. The highlight of this deal is undoubtedly Bandai Namco’s highly acclaimed RPG Dark Souls 2, which can be purchased for only $19.47 during this period. Unfortunately the Collector’s Edition of the game does not benefit from the discount and continues to be priced at $79.95. On the bright side, the Dark Souls 2 Season Pass is on sale and costs only $16.22. Besides Dark Souls 2, Namco Bandai is also offering the original Dark Souls as well as a number of other titles including Inversion. Below you can find all the game currently on sale.

  • Dark Souls 2 – current price $19.47 (regular price $29.95).
  • MUD – FIM Motocross World Championship current price $19.47 (regular price $29.95).
  • PAC-MAN Museum – current price $12.97 (regular price $19.95).
  • Dark Souls – current price $12.97 (regular price $19.95).
  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Plus – current price $6.47 (regular price $9.95).
  • NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst – current price $19.47 (regular price $29.95).
  • Star Trek – current price $12.97 (regular price $19.95).
  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – Premium Edition current price $12.97 (regular price $19.95).
  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX + “All you can eat” pack – current price $5.17 (regular price $7.95).
  • Ridge Racer Unbounded – current price $12.47 (regular price $19.95).
  • Inversion – current price $12.47 (regular price $19.95).
  • Dark Souls 2 – Season Pass – current price $16.2 (regular price $24.95).
  • PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures – current price $12.47 (regular price $19.95).

This promotion is only available for the PC version of these games and they all include a Steam key. For more information on the discounted games check out the Bandai Namco Store website. All three DLC packs for Dark Souls 2 have been released, but rumor has it that a fourth way is currently in development. There are very few details regarding this add-on and Bandai Namco hasn’t said anything about it so take this with a grain of salt for now. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn anything else so stay tuned.

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