iPad Air 2 battery life will be disappointing

Most owners of the original Apple iPad Air were pretty satisfied with the battery life on the device, lasting for up to 10 hours of mixed use on its 8820 mAH battery. It seems that Apple won’t be getting the same good reviews on the iPad Air 2 battery life, according to recent findings. Upon taking apart the iPad Air 2, the battery is actually smaller than the one its predecessor had, with a 7340 mAH capacity. The iPad Air 2 battery has been sacrificed by the company in order to make the thinnest and lightest 9 inch tablet on the world.

When the iPad Air 2 first surfaced, we were actually wondering what the company had to sacrifice in order to get such a small weight and thin device. While the iPad Air 2 has the new Apple A8X processor running the show, and has shown great performance so far, it seems that Apple chose to downgrade the battery on the slate. Even though the new processor should work well and save energy, it seems that the iPad Air 2 battery life will stille be disappointing, compared to its predecessor. The original iPad Air could last up to 9 hours of on-screen time, which can still be trumped by many Android and Windows tablets out there.

Even if the iPad Air 2 battery life might be disappointing, there won’t be any issues with performance

The iPad Air 2 battery is 17% smaller than the iPad Air battery, and makes for a 14% shorter battery life on the slate, according to recent battery tests. While that is not such a large difference, many users will see it as a bad call on the part of Apple. As with the iPhone 6 Plus, about which many users have said that they would rather have a thicker phone and a bigger battery, the iPad Air 2 will get the same sort of feedback from customers in the long run. While the slate performs just as well as certain laptops and notebooks, and looks and feels great at the same time, it would have been better if the iPad Air 2 battery life wasn’t sacrificed for its appearance. As per iPad Air 2 battery tests, the slate musters up about 7 and a half hours of on-screen time. That’s not a bad battery life for the iPad Air 2, but other devices like the Lenovo Yoga Tablet and Yoga Tablet 2 can last up to three times as much. For tablet enthusiasts who prefer battery life over appearance, the iPad Air 2 battery tests might come as a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, the iPad Air 2 still remains one of the tablets with the best performance and speed you can find on the market.

iPad Air 2 battery life will be disappointing – benchmark and photo courtesy of Phone Arena