Thinnest smartphone in the world in the works from Vivo

At the moment, the record holder for the thinnest smartphone in the world is the Gionee Elife S5.1, with a 5.1 mm thickness. While this is clearly the thinnest smartphone you can imagine, it seems that Vivo is working on an even thinner variant. While some of you might be wondering what would be the perks of having the thinnest smartphone in the world, Vivo is taking action and has already teased its thinnest smartphone ever in a couple of images online. While we can already see the ups and downs of a having a thin phone demonstrated by the iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate, we are wondering if that is happening to the current thinnest smartphone in the world.

Our research hasn’t turned up with anything significant about the Gionee Elife S5.1, currently the thinnest smartphone on the planet. Our hunch is that a bend test hasn’t been performed on it yet, but we’re sure that it would bend even more so than the iPhone 6 Plus. Now if Vivo is planning to make the thinnest smartphone in the world, we wonder how well that device will withstand pressure in our pockets or anywhere else. Vivo says that it is actually working on a smartphone that will be only 3.8 mm thick, and two of these units would fit into the footprint of one iPhone 6. That would be a remarkable feat and we aren’t even sure that it is possible.

The thinnest smartphone in the world from Vivo should fit into the 7.6 mm iPhone 6 footprint not once, but twice

While smartphone components have been constantly shrinking, and the smallest of them are currently used by the thinnest smartphone in the world, most likely. We are wondering how Vivo will be able to manufacture a phone that is almost paper thin, and moreover, what kind of specs will they be able to cram into such a small space. Having the thinnest smartphone in the world will certainly bring downsides, such as a smaller battery life (unless Samsung’s ultra-thin flexible battery is in a more advanced stage than previously thought), a limited number of ports and a mid-range spec sheet. Vivo hasn’t revealed anything more about the new “thinnest smartphone in the world”, but we are curious to see if the company manages to pull off a 3.8 mm thin phone.

You will barely be able to see the wold’s thinnest smartphone from Vivo