Galaxy Note Edge to be launched at T-Mobile

The Galaxy Note Edge has just been launched in South Korea and Japan during the past few weeks. While Samsung said that there will only be limited amounts of the Galaxy Note Edge, it seems that a global rollout for the device will still unfold in the meantime. The Galaxy Note Edge price is a hefty one, around $1000 in South Korea and Japan, so we should expect a similar price in the U.S. when it launches. Major U.S. carriers have already confirmed that they would be selling the Galaxy Note Edge, but T-Mobile has already released an approximate date for the event, too.

T-Mobile should make the Galaxy Note Edge available for purchase starting November 14, according to recent reports. While we are surprised that the Galaxy Note Edge release date came so early, especially since we were assured that there are only 1 million units of the device available, we can speculate that Samsung doesn’t expect the device to sell that well. If the Galaxy Note Edge price remains as high as in the Asian markets at the moment, the U.S. launch shouldn’t bring too many issues when it comes to supply. While the innovative smartphone with a hanging screen on the side is a great concept and seems like a practical idea to use, it still brings up some issues. A Galaxy Note Edge case, for instance, will surely be difficult to find. You will probably be able to use a Galaxy Note 4 case for the phone, but that would mean that you will sacrifice (and maybe damage) the hanging display on the device. Manufacturing a Galaxy Note Edge case might also be a challenge, because the whole idea behind the phone is that you should be able to use the hanging screen for immediate notifications and gratification. Covering up that edge display on the Galaxy Note Edge would strip the phone of its purpose. We are curious to see what kind of cases will land on the market for Samsung’s new device.

While the Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most interesting phablets of the year, many are skeptical about its overall success with the average consumer. Since the Galaxy Note Edge price is quite high, even though it offers great bang for buck, it will surely be cumbersome for many to get their hands on it. We are curious to see how many Galaxy Note Edge units will sell in the U.S. once it is launched at T-Mobile, then Verizon, Sprint and more. It would be nice to hear fro m Samsung on this issues and find out what the company thinks about the Galaxy Note Edge and what kind of success rate it has imagined for the curved display-touting phone.