The Crew, second beta announced for consoles

Publisher Ubisoft has announced a second beta for its upcoming massive open-world racing title – The Crew. Available only for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this second testing phase will take place from November 6th until November 10th; players wanting to participate can register on the waiting list [here]. Those who pre-ordered The Crew via the Uplay shop get guaranteed access to the upcoming beta.

This second closed beta allows players to explore the entire United States and complete challenges in two of the five regions available in the game – the Midwest and East Coast. The PvP lobbies in the Midwest and East Coast regions will also be accessible for players who want to prove their competitive skills. For those who like to customise and fine-turn their ride, two of the five spec classes – Street and Dirt – will also be available to players. The closed beta will be available for all PlayStation Network and Xbox Live users, although some features will require a PSN/XBL subscription.

The Crew is an open and persistent world for racing across the United States; it takes 45 minutes to drive from coast to coast in-game. The single-player campaign is 20 hours long, and entails infiltrating criminal groups with protagonist Alex Taylor (Troy Baker). Players can also participate in mini-games called skills that are peppered across the world; they are triggered when a player drives through them and it involves completing challenges such as weaving through gates and staying as close to a racing line for a period of time. Players’ scores are automatically saved so friends can try and beat their scores, in similar fashion to how Autolog works in games of the Need for Speed franchise. Missions can be played alone, with friends, or via online co-op matchmaking. The multiplayer mode lets a maximum of eight players to compete in races and other game-types. There are no in-game loading screens or pauses. Players can also build cars with a tie-in app for iOS and Android.

The Crew launches on December 2nd everywhere but Japan, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Players of the Land of the Rising Sun will get it on December 4th.