OnePlus One update fixes touchscreen issues

Many OnePlus One users have been complaining about the issues they’ve been having with the flagship’s touchscreen. The past week, you had the possibility of pre-ordering the OnePlus One, and according to the company, another pre-order session will happen early next year, so keep an eye out for that. The OnePlus One, the flagship killer, while has been well-regarded in most circles, does come with certain issues. OnePlus One support, for example is a problem for many owners because the company has failed to replace defective units or help with maintenance. Nonetheless, the OnePlus One is still one of the most well-regarded phones all over the world, especially because it’s only $300.

Besides issues with support, OnePlus One users have complained about touchscreen issues, which would affect the overall responsiveness of the screen, as well as missing touches and allocating taps to swipes. While the unresponsive nature of the OnePlus One touchscreen has been a hassle and certainly an inconvenience for most, most didn’t have any other choice. You might be able to re-sell your unit, but the OnePlus One support hasn’t helped so far. Thankfully, a OnePlus One update is on its way and tests of the new OTA have confirmed that the new update fixes all the touchscreen issues users had had. The OnePlus One firmware update should be rolling out soon to users, especially with so many pre-orders on their way.

While the OnePlus One update hasn’t been released yet, those of you who are in possession of a OnePlus One and are willing to root your device and get an unlocked bootloader have the opportunity to flash the latest kernel from Francisco Franco or AK on the Xda developers forum. If you are not that tech-savvy to tinker with your device, rumors say that the OnePlus One firmware update should be rolling out sometime next month. The OTA should also fix other issues some OnePlus One users have been experiencing, such as random reboots, screen malfunctions and other things. The update has been long overdue, and many have criticized the company for not acting on faulty software, but at least they are finally making a move. Report back and tell us whether the new OnePlus One update fixed the issues you have had with your unit. We hope it did.