iPhone 6 will be getting a $99 price cut pre-Black Friday

Apparently, the iPhone 6 will be getting some sweet deals for the upcoming Black Friday. At the top of the mind-blowing discounts list lies a $99 offer for Apple’s recently released iPhone 6, courtesy of Sam’s Club. According to an inside source, Sam’s Club is setting up a massive iPhone 6 sale for this holiday season which starts on November 15th, and members will be able to get a new iPhone 6 for $99 before this year’s Black Friday kicks off. In case you do not have a Sam’s Club membership, you can acquire one for $45 which will be available for a year. This Sam’s Club deal will go live on November 15th and will only be open on that date. Allegedly, every Sam’s Club store will keep 40 to 50 iPhone 6 units in stock, so you’ll have to be quick if you’re looking to grab one, even if you are a member.

The model in question is the iPhone 6 16 GB, which will go for $99 under a 2 year contract. Apple’s iPad Air 16 GB is also getting a $100 cut. Take a look:

Other Black Friday major deals have been announced by Target which promises huge price cuts for their iPads, HDTVs, iPhones and other gadgets, starting with Thanksgiving and throughout the Black Friday season. We can expect cuts of up to $60 for both Xbox One and PS4 consoles plus an additional controller or game bundled on to make the deal even more appealing. Yesterday, a PS4 Black Friday 2014 deal was leaked. The deal in question includes a PS4, GTA V and The Last of Us Remastered bundle for $399. Target is also providing free shipping for all their products and will continue to do so throughout the shopping season, Black Friday weekend included. We’ll keep you posted on upcoming Black Friday deals as soon as we hear more.