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Dota 2: Mineski is undergoing massive roster changes

Following the recent match fixing controversy that lead to several pro players getting banned, some Dota 2 teams decided that it was time to make a couple of changes here and there. These changes often involved replacing players in an attempt to stop matches from being fixed again in the future. The Filipino team Mineski took this issue very seriously and decided to go with a whole new lineup of players from now on. The team announced the first three players earlier today while the remaining two will be revealed sometime in the coming days. We’ll know Mineski’s full Dota 2 roster by Saturday, November 8th.

Until then, we do know that Malaysian player Siong Tait ‘Johnny’ Lee will join Mineski. Lee previously played for Arrow Gaming and Johhny’s Revenge and was the first one to be confirmed for the new roster. Joining him will be Filipino players Jaysie ‘Jayjay’ Garan and Joshua “Owa” Dela Serna, the latter having been announced just hours ago. As mentioned, the two players who will fill the remaining slots have not been revealed yet, but there are certainly a lot of speculations flying around as to who they might be. Mineski.net mentions Ryan Jay “Bimbo” Qui and Ralph Richard “RR” Peñano as being two probable candidates and most of the Mineski community would seem to agree.

Both these players are part of the Dota 2 team Execration, although Bimbo announced his departure not long ago, so he might be looking for another team very soon. As for RR, the player has been absent from a lot of matches as of late and is rumored to be leaving Execration as well. The new lineup of Mineski might look something like this if the rumors turn out to be true: Johnny, Jayjay, Owa, Bimbo, and RR, but again, the last two positions will only be officially confirmed in the following days.

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