The first ever Heroes of the Storm invitational tournament will take place at Blizzcon 2014 this weekend

Heroes of the Storm is expected to be the next big thing in eSports and Blizzard certainly knows it. The company is hosting an invitational tournament for the game this weekend in order to get the hype train rolling. Not that it needs any more hype to be honest, but a tournament featuring professional gamers is always fun to watch so I’m not complaining. In addition, there will also be a Heroes of the Storm show match at the event called the Blizzcon Brawl. This match will feature some of our favorite Youtube personalities so it will definitely be fun to watch as well even though their skills at the game will likely pale in comparison to those of the pro teams.

The Blizzcon Brawl will consist of a best-of-three series between the Red team and the Blue team. The latter includes two SMOSH members in the form of Matt Sohinki and Dave “Lasercorn” Moss, as well as Jesse Cox, Eric “Crendor” Hrab, and the one and only Mike “Husky” Lamond. ¬†As for the Red team, we will be looking at Nerdist’s Malik Forte and no fewer than four members from Rocket Jump: Freddie Wong, Jimmie Wong, Matt Arnold, and Josh Lee Kwai. The Heroes of the Storm Blizzcon Brawl will kick off this Saturday, November 8th at 2:00 PM CET. The match will last until roughly 4:00 PM CET when the semi-finals of the exhibition tournament are scheduled to begin.

The invitational will only feature four Heroes of the Storm teams carefully handpicked by Blizzard themselves: Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and Team Liquid. The lineup for each of the teams is as follows:

  • Cloud9: Jintae, Bischu, Zuna, BobbyHankHill, and iDream.
  • Evil Geniuses: LZGamer, IdrA, Faye, Chillatech, and Keylax.
  • Fnatic: AceofSpades, Naniwa, Sase, Shushei, and Lamia.
  • Team Liquid: Sheth, Dunktrain, Pithx, Caffeine, and Biceps.