Mass Effect 4 news at N7 Day? “We shall see…” says Bioware

The Mass Effect series is so popular that it even has a special day for celebrating it. This day goes by the name of N7 Day and it’s celebrated each year on November 7th. As fate would have it, that’s tomorrow. While some people are speculating that we might hear about a Remastered version of the trilogy at the event, most of us are hoping that Bioware unveils some new details regarding the next installment in the franchise. The nameless title is still being called Mass Effect 4 and this will likely continue until the company is kind enough to reveal the real name. That day might actually be very close as earlier today Bioware announced an “N7 Day Developer Roundtable” for tomorrow at 10 AM PST.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that Mass Effect 4 news is coming, there is definitely hope. When asked about the possibility of hearing some fresh news at N7 Day, Bioware developer Aaryn Flynn gave a rather promising “We shall see…” response. Not exactly a confirmation but again, there is hope. At any rate, assuming that Bioware plans to unveil some new Mass Effect 4 details tomorrow, the whole thing is probably meant to be a surprise for the fans, so an announcement prior to the event was unlikely anyway. But I mean, we’re talking about an event specifically created to celebrate the series, so wouldn’t it make sense to make some sort of announcement tomorrow?

On the other hand, Dragon Age: Inquisition is just around the corner and Bioware is trying to hype it up even more right before it launches. Some Mass Effect 4 news could potentially draw away some of the attention from the company’s other big series. However, a couple of small details couldn’t hurt anyone and Mass Effect 4 is a long way from release anyway, so it’s not like people would not buy Dragon Age Inquisition because they’re saving money to buy the next Mass Effect. Coincidentally, tomorrow is also the first day of Blizzcon, which means Bioware would be wise to make a pretty important announcement if they want people to turn their gaze away from Blizzard’s event and tune it to N7 Day.