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Kim Kardashian cashes in more than $43 m for mobile game
Kim Kardashian cashes in more than $43 m for mobile game

Kim Kardashian cashes in more than $43 m for mobile game

Kim Kardashian together with Glu Mobile have launched Kim Kardashian : Hollywod in June and in just three months, the game has become one of the best profit-makers on Google Play. While the game is free, in-app purchases have brought the developers and Kim Kardashian more than $43 million in just three months. Revenue reports from Glu Mobile state that this was the best quarter for the company and Kim Kardashian : Hollywood is the only reason why their revenues received such a boost.

Kim Kardashian : Hollywood is a mobile game that most of you probably haven’t even heard of, because it’s a pretty trivial and superficial game. At least in my opinion. Nonetheless, the game focuses on Kim Kardashian guiding wannabe celebrities through the hoops of Hollywood fame, teaching them what to wear, which parties to go to and what kind of people they should approach. As you might already suspect, all that money the game gathered in three months doesn’t all go to Kim Kardashian, but she still receives 45%, which roughly sums up to $15 million from June to September. I’m sure Kanye and Kim are celebrating. Besides the mobile game, Kim Kardashian has many other projects that should boost her revenue, including a clothing line and various cosmetic products.

According to statistics, those who have installed Kim Kardashian : Hollywood have spent around 5.7 billion minutes in-game. Oh and the game was actually downloaded 22.8 million times, which means that it was one of the most popular apps this Summer. “Glu’s third quarter was the strongest in the company’s history,” said chief executive Niccolo de Masi when asked about how Kim Kardashian : Hollywood has benefited the company. The company’s revenue for the third quarter has leaped from $22.6 million (Q3 2013) to a whopping $83.6 million. Even though the game is free, it still managed to get sizable profit for the company and Kim as well. How do you feel about Kim Kardashian : Hollywod?

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