Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC gets a release date

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced Battlefield 4’s appropriately-named final downloadable package – Final Stand – will be released on November 18th. While Premium member will get it then, non-members will have to wait until December 2nd. Final Stand features four new maps based on Russia’s artic landscape – ‘Operation Whiteout’, ‘Hammerhead’, ‘Giants of Karelia’, and ‘Hangar 21′ – in addition to a rail-gun capable of firing “a single round of powerful kinetic energy” and a hover-tank prototype. “We’ve worked hard to ensure you’ll have a blast with the new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles featured in Final Stand,” reads the latest post on the official Battlefield forums.

“With Final Stand, we knew from the start that we wanted to evolve the Battlefield experience and offer weapons and vehicles that behave differently than anything else on the battlefield,” says DICE. “Taking place on the artic landscape of Russia, where the scientists of today are experimenting with technology that will define the battlefields of tomorrow (Battlefield 2142, anyone?), Final Stand will deliver four maps that are unique and distinct. With its military installations set against a wintry landscape, expect intense, infantry-focused combat.”

“Players will also discover secret prototype weapons and vehicles that further tie into the fiction around Final Stand, and to some extent the Battlefield series. This includes a Battle pick-up rail gun that fires a single round of powerful kinetic energy, and the hover tank prototype, which uses eight experimental jet propulsion engines to nimbly move around the battlefield. This is the first time we have ever done something like this at this early stage – and we hope it will mean a more stable and higher quality release in the end!”

Battlefield 4 is available for purchasing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Last month, EA had announced via Twitter gamers should expect the next entry in the Battlefield series sometime during 2015’s holiday season.