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Facebook at Work to become the new LinkedIN
Facebook at Work to become the new LinkedIN

Facebook at Work to become the new LinkedIN

Facebook is the largest and most popular social media site in the world, but it seems Mark Zuckerberg and co. are not satisfied. Facebook is supposedly working on a different version of the social media platform that would cater to workplace environments. While LinkedIN connects enterprises, businessmen, entrepreneurs and companies, Facebook wants to become the platform of a workplace which employees will be able to use to chat, collaborate and deal.

Facebook hasn’t confirmed rumors about their new platform designed for the workplace, but more and more information about the endeavor is leaking around the web. According to these rumors, Facebook wants to create a different version of its social media platform which would focus on work and interaction among people working in the same field or in the same office. If rumors are true, Facebook will create a platform where colleagues can chat, collaborate on projects and connect to investors, enterprises and other companies and partners. Supposedly, the new platform will be called “Facebook at Work” and should look the same as the regular social media platform we all use.

According to the rumors, Facebook employees are already testing and using Facebook at Work, so we should hear from Mark Zuckerberg and co. about the new platform soon. Since employers are generally not keen on employees staying on Facebook during work hours, this endeavor should change the perception of the social media platform among business users. Currently, LinkedIN is the main platform for business connections, but if Mark Zuckerberg and co. manage to make this Facebook at Work idea catch on, we might see the demise of the platform. Do you think enterprises and companies will like the new platform idea or will they stick to their own platforms and software solutions for collaborations? I think it will be hard for Facebook at Work to trump older business platforms companies are already using, but that’s just my two cents.

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