Far Cry 4 is as smooth as silk on PC according to early reports

Looks like Ubisoft developers are channeling all their efforts in delivering a solid gameplay experience and visual presentation for their Far Cry 4 first-person shooter, which is literally around the corner. By now, the ongoing gameplay issues of Assassin’s Creed Unity are all too known, and it seems that these problems will not make an appearance in the beautiful world of Kyrat – the huge playground of Far Cry 4. Early reports reveal that the game is properly optimized on current-gen consoles, but it seems like the PC version is the one that stands out. Far Cry 4 has been getting some high scores in recent reviews which might be another indication that Ubisoft has managed to iron out the poor optimization seen in their previous installments.

Already Far Cry 4 has been adopted on by a few PC gamers and the consensus is that the new installment of the franchise is both stable and pretty. Far Cry 4 player “Dylanroo” has been kind enough to share his thoughts on the PC version of the game. Allegedly, the player tested the shooter on his “under spec’d” PC fueled by an Intel Core i5 3470 and 8GB of RAM with Nvidia Geforce GTX 660. Dylanroo claims that the game runs like butter on his rig, which is surprisingly good news given the fact that many Ubisoft releases were far from what was expected, as best seen with Assassin’s Creed Unity. The player states the following:

“Alright, so I got Far Cry 4 on PC. Let’s get the obvious out right away: I torrented it. After the abysmal disaster that was Assassin’s Creed Unity, I had to try before I buy, and oh dear Lord, is it optimized. I have to say, there are a lot of options. The settings look a lot like Far Cry 3’s, but what surprised me was that it runs like butter.”

 “PC specs are nothing too special, medium-range card with a decent processor. I can run a lot of settings on high. I turned shadows and water to medium with textures up to ultra. You have 3 different options of ambient occlusion: SSAO, SSBC, and HBAO+, but it seems that the last two are a bit broken at the moment because the shadows turn solid black. The lighting is amazing, set it to ultra with Nvidia godrays on. I played through the prologue, getting at least 45-50 fps in open space and 60fps during firefights and in buildings.”

Far Cry 4 has also got an array of options which can enhance in-game visual experience. Players will be able to tweak textures, lighting, foliage, Post FX, Water, lighting, terrain, and toggle Nvidia effects including Fur, Volumetric Fog, Shadows, Anti-aliasing, Environment, and Godrays. All great so far, and hopefully we won’t be getting any unexpected surprises in the following days.