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iPhone 7 - specs and release date rumors
iPhone 7 -burns users and copies Galaxy note 7

iPhone 7 – specs and release date rumors

Even though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are fresh off the factory line, rumors about the iPhone 7 are already popping up. According to these rumors, the iPhone 7 should be launched in September 2015 and should be one of the most innovative iPhones and smartphones. While next September is a long way ahead, the recent rumors about the iPhone 7 reflect that high-end technology might be made more readily available by then.

The iPhone 7 price is the first one we should get out of the way, since it will probably go over the $1000 mark, considering the features and specs it should be launching with. Since Apple doesn’t necessarily feel the need to launch a new flagship each year, the iPhone 7 should be the company’s iteration of the Galaxy Note 4, for example. With Samsung, the Galaxy S5 was the flagship of the year, but the Galaxy Note 4 turned out to be much more interesting and worthwhile. That could be the case with the iPhone 7 or maybe even iPhone 6 Ultra or something like that. Why Ultra? Because the iPhone 7 specs we’ve heard about are plain outrageous.

According to various rumors, the iPhone 7 will have an even larger display than the 5.5 inch one on the iPhone 6 Plus and it should be made entirely out of sapphire glass. While that is already a bit surprising, a phablet display on the iPhone 7 is also unexpected, in my opinion. But considering the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus was extremely well-received by the public, Apple might have a shot at creating the best new phablet. Besides a large display, the iPhone 7 specs include a liquid metal unibody which would make it more durable than the aluminium iPhone 6 Plus which actually bends a lot.

Other iPhone 7 specs include Touch ID (obviously), but without a home button, a quad core Ax8 CPU, 128 or even 256 GB  internal storage, 2 or 3 GB RAm and a 14 MP camera on the rear. Some rumors actually say that the iPhone 7 might even have a projector built-in, like the Samsung Galaxy Beam or even the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. That would mean that not only will the price of the iPhone 7 go over $1000, it might end up being more than double that. Nonetheless, take these specs and features with a grain of salt because they are still just rumors. Nonetheless, we are curious to see when some actual iPhone 7 leaks will be appearing on the internets. In any case, the iPhone 7, as presented via rumors, sounds like a massive flagship killer that will surely impress.

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