Trend Hunter CEO billed $1,200 for using Wi-Fi on a plane

Since the ban on using Wi-Fi on planes has been lifted, aircrafts have been outfitted with Wi-Fi which passengers can use to their comfort. While that is good news, because sometimes Wi-Fi can come in handy when you are business man on a plane, busy with calls and e-mails, you wouldn’t expect a huge increase in your bill usually. That’s what a man traveling on a Singapore Airlines flight thought, until he saw his internet bill once home.

Jeremy Gutsche, a Canadian gentleman, was slapped with a whopping $1,200 internet bill after using Wi-Fi on the Singapore Airlines aircraft. According to him, while he was on the plane, he only used the Wi-Fi service available to check work e-mails, like all diligent entrepreneurs do. He said he didn’t watch videos or streamed any music, and even took a nap or two on the flight, so his Wi-Fi data use shouldn’t have amounted to such a large internet bill. The gentleman had a 30 MB package purchased before getting on the plane, and received the generous bill after getting off the plane last Wednesday.

Jeremy Gutsche, CEO of Trend Hunter, detailed that he had viewed 155 pages total whilst using the aircraft Wi-Fi. Internet on the Singapore Airlines plane was supposedly slow, so streaming videos or music would have been cumbersome, if not impossible. Jeremy didn’t say whether he would file a complaint against Singapore Airlines for charging too much, so we are not sure how serious the issue with Wi-Fi on the airline is. In any case, paying $1,200 for using internet on a plane is outrageous, especially if the sum does not reflect reality. Consider this – Jeremy Gutsche had bought the $30 data plan from Singapore Airlines before boarding, which meant that he would be able to use 30 MB of internet. That should have been enough for the pages he viewed and a 4 MB document he had uploaded. Stay tuned to find out how the story unfolds and what Singapore Airlines will say about the Wi-Fi charges.