Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player Simon “smn” Beck from team Alternate banned for cheating

A professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player who goes by the name Simon “smn” Beck was recently banned by the ESEA for cheating. Until recently, Beck was on the official CS:GO roster of Alternate, one of the best teams in Germany at the moment. Alternate had a pretty good run in the European ESEA Main division this past season where they placed fourth. Unfortunately their recent success came at a price as Beck was found cheating during an official ESEA game and was subsequently banned. Alternate filled an appeal and were planning to wait for the results before taking any further action against Beck. However, after the appeal was almost immediately denied by ESEA, team Alternate decided that it was best to let the player go. The original statement from Alternate is in German, but below you can find a rough English translation of it (via Google translate).

After we initially waited an inserted at the ESEA protest, we must now finally assume that smn has used in his role as a player in Team Alternate prohibited aids. Of course, this is in stark contradiction to what Team Alternate want to stand in the e-sports, so I like to get at our opponents, fans and the CS: GO Community apologize for the behavior of the player.Furthermore, the players naturally removed with immediate effect from the lineup and the company Alternate also reserves the right to conduct because of the defamatory conduct further legal action in the way.”

Team manager Jörg ” Major Rabbit “Jacob also released a short statement regarding the matter in which he assures fans that he was  just as surprised as everyone else when the news surfaced. Jacob mentions that no one from team Alternate had any idea that Beck was using cheats to boost his performance at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This unfortunate turn of events came at the worst possible time because the team will participate in the ESL Pro Series final next month and they’re one player short at the moment. Presumably, Alternate is already looking for someone to replace Beck, so expect a roster change announcement to arrive soon.