Far Cry 4 Players Experiencing Issues

Ubisoft’s new open world shooter Far Cry 4 released today, and many players are having problems connecting to servers, and even playing the game on one platform. Some users attempting to play PvP matches are having difficulties finding matches, while others are being disconnected once they actually find one. Players on PlayStation 3 seem to be having another problem entirely –– some are unable to play the game, and Ubisoft said this might have something to do with previous Far Cry 3 save data.

The publisher hasn’t provided any possible solutions, but posted a survey on a forum thread to try to find one. The company said it will update players with information as soon as it’s available. Earlier this week, Far Cry 4 fans noticed on a Twitch stream that the game’s map editor doesn’t support competitive multiplayer, only its challenge mode. Ubisoft said this was a budget matter, and that it can hopefully “get it done post release.”

Far Cry 4 isn’t the only game in the past while to have some serious issues at the time of its release. Both Assassin’s Creed Unity and Halo: The Master Chief Collection are currently in the midst of some controversy due to the fact that there are some major – and glaring – issues at hand from the day of the release. Fortunately, developers for these games are currently working on, or have already released, patches which aim to fix some of the most pressing issues gamers are having, though many players have been very vocal about how these games shouldn’t have been released with the glitches making the game almost unplayable.

In related patch news, developer 343 Industries have announced that their fix for Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been delayed due to the fact that it still needs to be tweaked, as well as go through Microsoft’s certification process. We hope Ubisoft will publish an announcement with a fix in the works for Far Cry 4 as soon as possible.