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FaZe adds Aches and Slasher to their Advanced Warfare roster

A lot of changes are currently happening on the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare eSports scene, with more than a few teams racing to complete their rosters before MLG Columbus kicks off. The latest major team to announce their full roster is none other than FaZe, who was two players short until recently. The organization announced yesterday that Patrick “Aches” Price and Austin “Slasher” Liddicoat will be joining Doug “Censor” Martin and Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyakov to complete the squad that will travel to MLG Columbus later this month. Aches, the former captain of team Evil Geniuses brings with him all the experience acquired over the years while playing for one of the best teams in Call of Duty history. He will again take on the role of captain, but this time for FaZe’s Advanced Warfare professional team.

Aches announced his departure from Evil Geniuses last month and so did the other members of his former squad. EG disbanded shortly after, with most of the players heading for Optic Gaming, but not before winning the last ever Call of Duty Ghosts tournament. While Evil Geniuses is still trying to build a decent Advanced Warfare team, Optic Gaming and FaZe already have some of the best on the scene thanks to the former EG players. Aches will be joined on FaZe by Slasher, a young and promising new talent that contributed greatly to the rise of team Noble Gaming. The player was forced to leave his former team due to a misunderstanding with management at Noble, but it’s arguably for the best since Slasher is now on one of the most impressive Call of Duty Advanced Warfare rosters.

MLG Columbus Open kicks off on November 28th and will last until November 30th. Meanwhile, the Pro League Season 1 will begin next month and will feature twelve of the best Advanced Warfare teams out there. FaZe and the other participating teams will get to compete for a total prize pool of $75,000, which will be split among the top eight teams.

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