Intel’s MICA smart bracelet in stores in December

We had picked up the new smart bracelet idea from Intel, dubbed the MICA smart cuff, earlier this year at the Intel conference. While we did know that the MICA bracelet would be launched sometime this year, it seems Intel has finally decided to honor the MICA with an official release date. The MICA or My Intelligent Communications Accessory smart bracelet should hit U.S. stores in early December, just in time for the Holiday season.

The MICA smart bracelet is one of those pieces of technology that are not only practical, but stylish and fashionable at the same time. Since Intel calculated the release pretty well, the MICA smart bracelet could actually become a favorite in terms of Christmas gifts. The MICA smart bracelet was built in collaboration with Opening Ceremony, and its main purpose is to resolve the issue women have been having with smartwatches recently.

While we do have many iterations of wearable devices similar to MICA, most of them are mostly not suitable for women because of their massive size and bulky design. That goes for smartwatches like the Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear S, LG G Watch and so on. All of these devices are high-end and pretty stylish if you ask me, but they are much too big for a woman with smaller, more feminine wrists. They are also hard to assort with an outfit and heavy for daily use. Smartwatches might also be cumbersome for women in office environments because they make working on a computer not only uncomfortable, but annoying. MICA intends to solve these issues.

The MICA smart bracelet features include sending and receiving messages without having to use a phone, calendar notifications and caller notifications. MICA Will also be selective with calls and messages and will only let the user filtered ones pass through to the wearer. MICA will be able to sync with Facebook and Google Calendars, so that users can be reminded of their appointments in due time, without having to check a smartphone. You can also use Yelp with MICA, which makes for a nice way of dinging nearby shops, restaurants and boutiques.

One of the best features of MICA is that it doesn’t need to be tethered to a smartphone in order to work. Like most other wearable devices, MICA uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone, but it can also access AT&T’s wireless network with its own 3G connectivity. If you find the deal suspicious, you will be glad to hear that Intel has struck a deal with AT&T and MICA will come with a two-year AT&T wireless contract. The battery life of MICA should last for two days on a single charge. You will also have access to custom wallpapers from Opening Ceremony, as well as remotely lock and access MICA through the internet.

While the MICA is a smart bracelet, it’s more focused on being a fashionable wearable device. MICA is more jewelry than tech, and Opening Ceremony has built upon Intel technology to turn it into that. MICA is built using the finest materials, including 18 arat gold, sapphire glass, water snake skin, Chinese pearls, lapis stones, South African Tiger’s Eye and Russian obsidia. That being said, fashionistas and fashion-conscious women will not be left disappointed by MICA’s design.

The price of MICA will be $495 which includes the two year AT&T wireless contract. You will be able to purchase MICA from Opening Ceremony online or from its US stores starting early in December, but Intel has reveled that Barney’s New York will also be carrying MICA, the fashionable smart bracelet. While MICA is certainly not cheap, it actually is below the upcoming Apple Watch price, which is a plus for Intel and Opening Ceremony.