Defiance goes free-to-play on the Xbox 360

Developer Trion has recently announced the Xbox 360 version of its massively multiplayer online third-person shooter Defiance has officially gone free-to-play. The game tying into the Syfy television series originally launched in April 2013, on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It then went free-to-play in June this year on the PC, while the PS3 version followed it shortly thereafter. To compensate 360 owners, Trion has gifted them with extra character slots and loadouts, currency capacity, and inventory size. Defiance now lets everybody enjoy its full campaign free-of-charge, while those wanting more can purchase extra content or even a season pass which grants them access to every last downloadable package.

Unlike other MMOs, Defiance does not have strict classes, instead allowing players to choose an origin. Origins do not limit what abilities, weapons, or outfits the players can choose. The four origins are Veterans, Outlaws, Machinists, and Survivalists. Veterans are a group of soldiers who survived The Pale Wars, a massive conflict between humans and aliens. Outlaws are criminals who raid and destroy for fortunes. Machinists are scavengers who recover alien technology to make profits and a living from it. Survivalists are humans or aliens who attempt to survive in the newly formed, hostile world. Besides initial starter weapon and also costume, this choice, similar to Race (Human, Irathian, and Castithan) has absolutely no consequence in the later game, with all weapons, abilities, and costumes being equally accessible to all players beyond the tutorial area.

The game takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, 15 years after the devastating Pale Wars between Earth and a loose alliance of extraterrestrial races known as Votanis Collective. The Votans came to Earth seeking a new home after the destruction of their solar system, unaware the planet was already inhabited. Friction between the new arrivals and Humanity led to war, during which the Votan’s terraforming technology was unleashed.