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Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon Announced
Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon Announced

Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon Announced

Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon was announced during a livestream hosted by Atlus on Nico Nico. Etrian Odyssey is a dungeon crawler RPG mainly released on the Nintendo DS and 3DS systems. Most recently Atlus has released Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, which mashes together gameplay from Etrian Odyssey and Persona 3/4. The first Etrian Odyssey was released in January of 2007 in Japan and later was localized to North America in May of 2007. The series currently has four main entries with two remakes. Etrian Odyssey V was also announced during the same livestream for Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon. Spike Chunsoft is the developer behind Mystery Dungeon, a series that was initially a spin off of the popular Dragon Quest series. The first entry saw release on the SNES or Super Famicom in 1993. Since then it has rarely saw a release in North America outside of the licensed Pokemon and Chocobo games. Mystery Dungeon is also inspired heavily by PC game rogue, and the small “rogue-like” genre has seen a reemergence recently with the indie scene.

Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon was developed by Spike Chunsoft with input by Atlus and will be taking gameplay from both games to deliver a new adventure. Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon is coming to Nintendo 3DS on March 5, 2015 with no word on a North American localization yet. Etrian Odyssey was recently mixed with the most recent Persona entries in Persona Q and was received well critically. Etrian Odyssey’s unique gameplay includes mapping out the dungeon floor. Meanwhile Mystery Dungeon is procedurally generated which means the map is different each time you encounter a dungeon. The video, which you can find here, also gives the appearance that the classes and enemies of Etrian Odyssey will undergo a roguelike transfer. The leaning on the more recognizable Etrian Odyssey art is understandable given that Mystery Dungeon hasn’t seen as much success at Atlus’s series.

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