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Heroes of the Storm gets new Christmas themed skins and reindeer mount

Even though Christmas is still a month away, Blizzard already announced some new Winter Veil skins for Heroes of the Storm. These skins will no doubt help us prepare for the upcoming festivities, although you won’t be able to buy them just yet. However, Blizzard put together a new video to give us an idea on what to expect when the skins do finally hit the shop. One of the skins goes by the name of Winter Veil Jaina and suggests that the sorceress should be added to Heroes of the Storm in time for Christmas. Next, we have a Winter Veil skin for the Shaman Rehgar, as well as a new reindeer mount affectionately named Reign-Deer.

Ever more interesting however are the remaining two skins recently announced by Blizzard. Unlike the other three items, these two skins are not holiday themed, but rather altered-fates themed. What does that even mean? Well, it basically means that Blizzard is playing around a bit with history in Heroes of the Storm. What if Malfurion Stormrage ended up being The Betrayer instead of his brother, Illidan? Soon you’ll be able to check it out for yourself because the company is releasing a skin for Malfurion that makes him look like Illidian, albeit without the awesome warglaives. Similarly, there will also be a Warden skin for Tyrande that makes her look like Maiev Shadowsong. Does this mean that Maiev will be coming to Heroes of the Storm soon?

Maybe not soon, but at some point she will definitely be added to the game. Also, seeing as how Illidan has a Shan’do skin inspired by Malfurion, it seems likely that Maiev will also have a skin inspired by Tyrande. The “altered-fates” idea certainly opens up all sorts of possibilities for interesting skins, so let’s hope that more will be announced soon. In the meantime, make sure you check out the latest Heroes of the Storm video below.

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