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GoPro is working on its own line of HD camera drones

Well known action camera manufacturer GoPro is reportedly working on its very own line of drones according to people close to the matter. The Wall Street Journal reports that these drones will be aimed at regular consumers and will come equipped with high-definition cameras. Pricing should range from anywhere between $500 and $1,000, so we’re going to be looking at some rather affordable drones. It’s interesting to see GoPro finally getting into this market considering that their cameras have been used on drones by other companies for the longest time. In fact, more than a few drone manufacturers are including pre-installed mounts specifically designed to support GoPro cameras.

But now that GoPro are building their own drones equipped with their own cams, the other companies might be looking to change their strategy a bit. Will they continue to support the GoPro cameras or will they incorporate their own shooters? We’ll just have to wait and see. As for the people who already own one of the popular action cameras, I suspect that they will not be very eager to purchase a GoPro drone that already features one. But perhaps the company will be able to also offer drones that do not feature the camera but include the appropriate mount to be used by those who already own one.

There are many details that need to be taken into consideration here but for now we can only speculate on what exactly the company is planning. Indeed, this is merely a rumor until GoPro actually makes an official announcement, so don’t forget to take it with a grain of salt. The people who claim to be familiar with the company’s plans are saying that their first HD camera-equipped drones should hit the market late next year. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates.

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