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Star Citizen will allow you to have your very own space pet

Star Citizen has already reached $63 million in funding and is now rapidly cruising towards the $64 million milestone. We’be already talked enough about how this is the most successful crowdfunded project ever and we also talked quite a bit about what you can expect to find in the game, so we’re not going to discuss these aspects again, for now. Instead, let’s focus on the new things here and let’s start by saying that Star Citizen will soon feature something that was severely lacking until now. No, not “/dance”, although that would be nice too. I’m talking about pets. You know, those things that follow you around in video games and are for the most part useless. And yet, pets are an extension of yourself and give other players a little clue about your interests and personality. They are like a status symbol, if you will.

Well, Cloud Imperium Games announced that the $64 million stretch goal will be – you guessed it – to add pets to Star Citizen. What sort of pets? Let’s see: “we have repair bots, we have fish… ” director Chris Roberts said in recent letter. “From Jones the Cat in Alien to the Battlestar Galactica’s Daggit, pets have a place onboard starships… and we want to give you that option in Star Citizen. Expect traditional terrestrial options, plus anything exotic we can dream up in the Star Citizen universe!” In other words, we can expect to see plenty of variety.

It’s worth mentioning that pets will be added only if Star Citizen reaches $64 million, although judging by how much money people are throwing at Cloud Imperium Games this won’t be much of a problem. Chris Roberts doesn’t think that this will be much of a problem either as he already teases us with the $65 million goal. He didn’t give any specific details, but did mention that “we’ve heard a lot of your feedback about modular ships and we want to expand our plan for how to do them.”

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