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HTC starts shipping Nexus 9 tablets with better hardware quality

It goes without saying that HTC’s Nexus 9 is a mighty fine tablet, but like every other product out there, this device is not perfect. There have been more than a few user reports regarding the bad hardware quality, with most of the complaints being directed at the buttons, although there have been a few aimed at the back cover as well. These problems, while not major, are still annoying to users who were hoping to receive a quality product when they purchased a new Nexus 9 tablet. The good news is that HTC seems to be well aware of the issues and have reportedly started to do something about them.

A Reddit user says that HTC recently sent him a new Nexus 9 to replace his faulty one and it appears that his new device features some improvements. The user reports that his faulty unit had extreme light bleed and buttons that were very hard to press. He then went on to say that his new tablet came with different buttons that are much easier to press and that the light bleed is gone for the most part as well. Improvements were also made to the back cover it seems as the user reports that as opposed to the faulty one, this new Nexus 9 cover doesn’t show any signs of “flexing”.

It’s worth mentioning that while low-quality buttons were reported by a lot of users, the light bleed problem doesn’t seem to be very common. Still, HTC seems to want to fix even the most smallest of issues, which is certainly good news for everyone who plans to purchase a Nexus 9 in the future. However, it’s also important to point that at the moment this is the only reported case where the company shipped a new device with improved hardware. We naturally hope that all HTC Nexus 9 tablets will ship with this quality from now on, but it remains to be seen if that will actually be the case or if this was merely a one time occurence.

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