New Batman Arkham Knight details revealed by Rocksteady Studios

Batman Arkham Knight is still a long way from launch, but Rocksteady Studios continues to do a great job at keeping us hyped even though we have to wait several more months before we will be able to play it. The developer manages this feat by sharing new details with us on a regular basis, more or less. Yesterday Rocksteady even took to Reddit for an AMA with the fans where many topics of interest were discussed, including Batman’s suit, combat, animations, storytelling, and more. Naturally, the company didn’t want to reveal too much, but we did manage to learn some new details about Batman Arkham Knight regardless thanks to the AMA.

At one point during the discussions, one fan pointed out that Batman’s suit in the upcoming game looks more robotic than in the previous installments and asked why that is. Rocksteady replied by saying that it’s because the suit mirrors the design and interaction between the Dark Knight and his Batmobile, which of course looks very robotic as well. In addition, the suit has apparently been upgraded for Batman Arkham Knight in order to enhance some of our hero’s abilities. “Particularly in the way the Batman and the car work together,” the studio adds. Elsewhere, Rocksteady talks about the new combat moves and animations, while also mentioning the new opponents we’ll meet in the game. It seems that this time around we’ll have a harder fight on our hands as in Arkham Knight the foes are “fast, and they can dodge and counter you – in the most recent builds they’ll dodge you without making you drop your combo, so it’s easy to get caught out the first few times.”

As for the story, the developer revealed that it wasn’t harder to write given the events of the previous game. “I think it’s quite the opposite!” Rocksteady explains. “With Batman: Arkham Knight, that ending is the point that we jump off from, asking ‘what happens when Joker is removed from Gotham’ and looking at the fallout from those events.” Before wrapping up the AMA Rocksteady also mentioned that a new trailer for Batman Arkham Knight will arrive this Monday, so keep your eyes peeled for that.