Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Script Worked on by Gundam Screenwriter

Xenoblade Chronicles X is an upcoming JRPG coming to Nintendo’s Wii U system. Recently, the title’s executive director has taken to Twitter to release some information on the title.

Through the game’s official Twitter account, executive director Tetsuya Takahashi gave a few tidbits of information about Xenoblade Chronicles X this past Friday. He wrote: “This time around, aside from Mr. Kunihiko Tanaka, I have also asked many other graphic artists to help with design. As you all might have already realized, many different types of extraterrestrial beings appear in this game, and each has their own characteristic culture. In order to convey the culture of each of these races through the game’s visuals, we’ve adopted the lavish approach of assigning different artists to each race.”

Takahashi also went into the role that anime screenwriter Kazuho Hyodo is playing in the working of Xenoblade Chronicle X’s script. He states: “To tell the truth, the script for [Xenoblade Chronicles X] is much larger than it was for the previous Xenoblade. As it would be very hard to handle everything by himself, Mr. Takeda introduced [Hyodo] to me. As Mr. Hyodo is well-versed in sci-fi, I was able to leave things to him without worry.” Kazuho Hyodo has worked on titles such as Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam Age, The Pilot’s Love, Robot Girls Z, and Wagneria. Takahashi also mentioned that he will introduce some of the artists who are working on the game next time he tweets.

The spiritual successor to Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles X is an open world JRPG. The game will have an emphasis on exploration, which can be done on foot or in large humanoid robots. These robots can fly, move over water, and turn into various vehicles. The game’s battle system will be similar to that of the first game, though some improvements will be made. Players will be able to engage in aerial battles over the game’s world.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will release Worldwide in 2015. The game will bee released on the Wii U.