GTA V Bug Lowers Graphic Quality

GTA V sure does have some weird bug. While some are rather useful to players, some turn GTA V in to a PS1/PS2 era type game, graphic wise. The bug report and picture comes from Reddit, where user Unrealmaniac shows the world of GTA V unrendered and rather ugly. GTA V on it’s own looks rather well done, but in the picture below, no, GTA V is not looking very good. GTA V was just remastered and re-released two weeks ago, but this picture makes it look like a demastering of sorts. With limited view, limited details, and few civilians, this bug is a big one and one that will hopefully be fixed in GTA sooner rather than later.

It’s not looking like the remastered version I have luckily. According to some users the bug can be fixed by reinstalling the game. While the image is very telling and shows just how big of a hit the game takes, there is no video footage as of now. Unrealmaniac replied to a comment stating that it was due to fast cars: “I don’t think that’s what caused it for me, I’ve finished the game and own faster cars and it’s never happened before. the game froze a few seconds after this image and I had to go back to the ps4 menu and reload it.” so, for now we don’t have any video of what it looks like to play GTA V with this bug. Hopefully the bug will be squashed soon and many players won’t actually experience the glitch though.

While the bug may seem somewhat fun, I am hoping it doesn’t happen in my GTA V. I am also hoping that it’s a very rare occurrence in the game with a simple solution, I can understand the frustration of having something like this ruin your game. It should be interesting to see what causes your GTA V to do this and hopefully Rockstar gets right on to fixing it. Right now this bug is only confirmed on the PS4, there have been few reports of it occurring as well.