New No Man’s Sky Footage

With No Man’s Sky prepping up for the PlayStation Experience, there is some new footage of the game. While No Man’s Sky has no release date and it doesn’t have a ton of footage, it’s a game that has captured the hearts of many. I am included in this bunch and since the announcement last year, I have been eagerly awaiting news on No Man’s Sky. With No Man’s Sky being on the front cover of next month’s Game Informer, the outlet has also acquired a little dev diary and some new footage for No Man’s Sky as well. The video goes over some very interesting thing and has the developers talking about the game and the pressure it has brought to them.

No Man’s Sky is going to be playable at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas this weekend. Meaning that No Man’s Sky will be blowing minds and present at the PlayStation Experience. Not much is known as to what No Man’s Sky will be doing at the PlayStation Experience, but I hope for more video footage and a release date. No Man’s Sky is actually one of my most anticipated games of all time, as it explores a fantasy of mine. That fantasy of mine being exploration on a massive scale, while Minecraft satiated my fantasy for some time, No Man’s Sky brings it back up and fully explores it. As I have always dreamed of exploring the universe.

We don’t know what next month’s Game Informer will have, but it will include something about No Man’s Sky. I am hoping for a release date rather soon here. No Man’s Sky is currently slated for 2015 and will be arriving to the PS4 as a timed exclusive before making its jump over to PC, nothing has been said about Xbox One. While the trailer is short, it is fairly informative and lets viewers take a small dive in to the mind of the developers, Hello Games.