Evolve’s “Evacuation” Mode Plays Like a Mini-campaign

Evolve, Turtle Rock Studio’s upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, just received a trailer showcasing the game’s plot. Now, a new mode for players to play in has been revealed: Evacuation.

On the game’s main website, it was shown that Evolve will feature a new mode for players to partake in called Evacuation. In Evacuation, a team of hunters are pitted against a monster over a course of five rounds, with the mission’s scenario changing every round. The first round will always be Hunt. In this scenario, the monster will try to eat enough to evolve into its next form. After that, players can choose between the Nest and Rescue missions for the next round. In Nest, the hunters will try to destroy a nest that is being guarded by the monster. In Rescue, the hunters must save survivors before the monster can kill them. After four rounds, the fifth and final round will be Defend, which sees hunters defending a human shelter from waves of beasts.

As Evacuation mode continues, actions performed in each round will carry into the next. For example: if the hunters save the Dam, workers will be able to power up Perimeter Fences, which cuts neighboring maps into half sized portions, crating an interesting advantage for the hunters. Other consequences that can carry over include a map covered in radiation, which will damage hunters, and turrets being positioned on the map, giving hunters an advantage. This helps Evacuation become a sort of mini-campaign that will change every time the mode is played.

Evolve will release on February 10th. The game will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Those who pre-order the game will receive a monster for free when it releases. A trailer showing Evolve’s story was recently released, and can be seen here.