The Great Ace Attorney Will be Playable at this Year’s Jump Festa

The Great Ace Attorney is a prequel to the Ace Attorney series. At this year’s Jump Festa, players will be able to give the game a spin as a demo will be available to play.

Capcom has just announced that The Great Ace Attorney will be playable at Jump Festa later this month. The floor demo will be built around the title’s “Joint Reasoning” system. This will see the game’s protagonist Ryuunosuke Naruhodou and Sherlock Holmes working together to solve mysteries. The demo will give a peek at the game’s legal system for the first time. Also, those who attend Jump Festa and play The Great Ace Attorney will get a special postcard sent to them.

The latest entry in the Ace Attorney series, The Great Ace Attorney is a prequel to the rest of the series. The game stars Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, an ancestor to the franchise’s main protagonist Phoenix Wright, as he seeks to become a full-fledged defense attorney. Ryuunosuke travels to England in an attempt to further his studies, and encounters world famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The two work alongside each other in an attempt to solve a mysterious case. Joining them will be Susato Mikotoba, a judicial assistant who works alongside Ryuunosuke. Also joining them is Iris Watson, an eight-year-old genius who is a take on the original Watson from the Sherlock Holmes novels.

Gameplay in The Great Ace Attorney will be similar to other titles in the series. The game will be separated into investigations where players try to find clues and gather evidence, and the actual courtroom battles where players must find contradictions in the witness’ testimonies as they try to uncover the truth. New to this game is the Joint Reasoning system. In this system, Holmes will make quick deductions about a witness, and players must point out contradictions to his theories.

The Great Ace Attorney will be available in Japan for the 3DS sometime in 2015. Jump Festa will run from December 20th to the 21th.