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Final Fantasy X/X-2 Coming to the PS4
Final Fantasy X/X-2 Coming to the PS4

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Coming to the PS4

Final Fantasy X/X-2 received a remastered version earlier this year on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita systems. Now it seems that the titles may be reaching out to yet another Sony system.

According to a listing on the Square Enix Boutique, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered may be coming to the PS4. The listing gave a price, box art, and a Spring 2015 release window. The page was taken down as soon as it was discovered. This would make Final Fantasy X/X-2 the third Final Fantasy remaster to be released in the Spring of 2015, following Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Originally released in 2001, Final Fantasy X follows Tidus, a young sports star who finds himself in the world of Spira. He soon joins a summoner  named Yuna on her quest to defeat a massive monster by the name of Sin. The title uses a different battle system than previous titles, dubbed the Conditional Turn-Based Battle system, rather than the Active Time Battle system. In the new system, the battle pauses between character turns, rather than all characters being able to act independently without a turn system. The game also introduces the Sphere Grid, a new way for characters to level up. Rather than normal leveling, players navigate a massive grid, improving stats and learning abilities along the way.

The first direct sequel in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy X-2 takes place two years after the first game. The title sees Yuna, along with Rikku and newcomer Paine, looking for a way to bring Tidus back. Rather than a normal class system, X-2 utilizes the Dresssphere system. Characters are able to equip a dresssphere, accessing a class, and utilize the abilities of that class. X-2 featured an all female cast, with Yuna and Rikku having different appearances than the first game.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is already available one the PS3 and PS Vita. If the listing is true, the bundle will be available for the PS4 this coming Spring.

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