Top 10 Android Apps for Girls: organizing, fun, safety and more

Top 10 Android apps for girls is not something you would find very often, as there aren’t many specific apps for girls. With good reason, though, since girls and guys tend to use mostly the same apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Nonetheless, there are apps out there tailor-made for us girls, so a top 10¬†Android apps for girls list in my mind is a necessity, so that some of us can make a wise choice when it comes to girly stuff and girly apps.

My top 10 Android apps for girls is based on personal experience as well as a bit of research into the field, which didn’t reveal much. What I would be looking for in a top 10 Android apps for girls article would be menstrual calendars, organizing apps, magazine apps, note-taking apps, health apps, fitness apps and cooking apps. To be honest, I don’t cook, because my boyfriend handles that, but I’m still the one in charge of finding good recipes that we should try out. And I wash the dishes, so I’m not lazy! Anyway, here’s my top 10 Android apps for girls list of this year, listing all of my favorite apps I’ve been using this year, which I won’t ever find on my boyfriend’s phone.

1. LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar

This is one of my all time favorite apps, so it’s naturally in my top 10 Android apps for girls list. I love this menstrual calendar because of its design and ease of use. It doesn’t offer more than any other calendar would, but it does it in a minimal, stylish way and its animations and clutter don’t get in the way. The app is free, but with a contribution you can get rid of ads which tend to appear at the bottom of your screen. They’re not bothersome to be honest. My favorite part about LoveCycles is that it’s fairly accurate, the most of all menstrual calendars I’ve tried and that it allows for a lot of customization and actually acts as a diary. Love it, recommend it to all girls out there.

2. CamScanner Phone PDF Creator

While this app is not specifically made for girls, all the guys I’ve asked wouldn’t use such a thing. It made it onto my top 10 Android apps for girls list because it takes great scans and works very fast. I find myself using it in a lot of daily situations like school, scanning in my schedules, appointments, requirements, seminar schedules and the sort, but at work as well, scanning in magazine pages, announcements, flyers, coupons and those kinds of things. It comes in handy for those of you who are always on the run and a photo just won’t do. It’s free and works like a charm, as long as you have average to good lighting conditions.

3. Forest: Stay Focused

This neat little app helps me ignore my phone and my notifications (which I get through Pushbullet anyway). I like that it promotes planting trees in a way. It made it onto my top 10 Android apps for girls list because it works on a simple premises: plant a tree. While that tree grows, you are not allowed to touch your phone, unless your tree dies. I find that tree making me feel guilty each time I kill it because I just can’t help myself. Nonetheless, the guilt I feel made me learn not to interact with my phone in inappropriate situations like work or on a date.

4. Cookbook: Free Recipes

Feminists, do not jump at me. Just because a cooking app is on my top 10 Android apps for girls list doesn’t mean that I believe girls belong in the kitchen. However, I do believe that most girls love food to some extent – who doesn’t? That’s why in my free time I love browsing the huge library of recipes this app has and picking out those which I can propose to my boyfriend to make for dinner. The app helped my eating habits a lot and helped my boyfriend and I diversify our cuisine. You can find all kinds of healthy or unhealthy recipes, as well as recipes for those with various afflictions or on diets.

5. QuizUp

Technically, this one’s a game, but it made it on my top 10 Android apps for girls list because it helped me improve my overall general knowledge. It’s the most fun, interactive and simple quiz game I’ve ever played and it’s fast and finds you game partners in a matter of seconds. It has a wide variety of quiz categories you can choose from, so it’s definitely worth a try. If you’re a beginner and you find yourself always losing (like me), keep trying because you’ll eventually understand why QuizUp is on my top 10 Android apps for girls list.

6. Tripomatic

If you girls know what’s best for you, you should be planning any holidays or trips and your boyfriend, fiancee or husband. That’s because guys tend to rush into things and most of them don’t have enough patience to go over all the details and end up shooting themselves in the foot. Tripomatic is not just a single app, but a series of apps which can all be considered as part of my top 10 Android apps for girls list. Tripomatic apps help you organize trips and city breaks in a variety of countries and states all over the world. It gives you a lot of organizing options, tips and suggestions on events and places to visit and a lot of information about each place you might want to include on your trip.

7. VithU App

This one’s a personal safety application which should be on everybody’s phone, actually. It made it onto my top 10 Android apps for girls list because it’s one of the simplest apps out there. It basically lets you push your power button twice and then sends an SOS alert to your contacts every two minutes. It also attaches your physical location to the emergency message it sends out and it will update the message with your location each time it sends a new one. It’s not only handy, but it can become a lifesaver. That is, if your location service on your phone works, mine doesn’t always.

8. Sentinel Personal Security SOS apps

This one is the same as before, with the added benefit of working without an active/working internet connection, the reason why it eventually made it onto my top 10 Android apps for girls list. It does the same thing VithU does, save for the fact that that it adds the direction of your travel to the SMS it sends out in case you trigger it.

9. Pocket

This app will come in handy for those of you who browse and surf a lot but don’t have time to comprehensively read or watch the things you find online. Pocket saves anything you want it to and you can get back to it later so that you don’t forget to check out those ten tips for staying warm during winter or the best ten Christmas dinner recipe ideas you’ve been wanting to try out (or ask your boyfriend to do so). While it’s not specific for girls, the app made it onto my top 10 Android apps for girls list because it actually comes in handy a lot.

10. Calm

Now this is something everybody might need. Calm is a meditating app which helps you get in the mood for specific activities. It has a lot of music you can choose from and constantly receives updates, so it’s a handy app to have. It made it onto my top 10 Android apps for girls list because we all need a bit of relaxation and even though meditation might not be your thing, you should try it out at least once, in case it helps you get rid of some stress.