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DC Universe Online Gains Legends PvE Update
DC Universe Online Gains Legends PvE Update

DC Universe Online Gains Legends PvE Update

DC Universe Online has allowed gamers to play alongside their favorite heroes and villains from the DC Universe. If you wanted to play as those characters, you had to jump into Legends PvP. Through a new update, players will be able to play as those characters outside of the PvP mode.

In the Legends PvE mode, DC Universe Online players can take control of their unlocked Legends characters, such as Batman and the Joker, for select PvE scenarios. New missions will be added as time goes on, but right now the Southern Gotham Courthouse mission is playable. Sony Online Entertainment will be looking to add future scenarios for legends PvE as well. The update also comes with a new Legends character: Deathstroke. Players will also get the Undersea environment for League Halls. Also, for the holidays, there is the Season’s Greedings! mission that has players recovering Christmas gifts that were stolen by Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern of avarice and greed.

Originally released in 2011, DC Universe Online lets players create their own heroes and villains and play alongside popular characters from the DC Universe. After creating their character, gamers choose a mentor, such as Superman or Lex Luthor. This decides where the player will start in the world, and the beginning missions that they will embark on. The game features many heroes and villains from the DC Universe, from popular characters like Batman and Doomsday, and lesser known character, such as Question and Toyman. The game already features a large amount of downloadable content, and has received a number of updates.

DC Universe Online is available now for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game is free to play, with paid options. The game was originally subscription based, but after being out for several months, Sony Online Entertainment changed the game to be free. The update is available now.

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