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Elder Scrolls Online: Update 6 Coming Soon

Elder Scrolls Online has had a busy launch year and are already on their 6th major patch. It is rather crazy to see just what they have all done this year. You can see all of that on the Elder Scrolls Online official site, where they have shown the road the game has travel thus far. Elder Scrolls Online has had one busy year, with new dungeons, a raised level cap, blocked spammers, and many other features. Elder Scrolls Online is still being developed on the consoles, despite rumors and lack of news on the matter. Well, Elder Scrolls Online has had a great first year and they don’t plan on stopping there. The Elder Scrolls Online team has something very special in store for players early next year.

While the Elder Scrolls Online team is taking a look back at their first year, they are also looking forward. With Update 6 being slated for January. What does Update 6 for the Elder Scrolls Online entail exactly though? The long anticipated arrival of The Champion System. Which completely shifts the game in to a new direction. As the Elder Scrolls Online will no longer host Veteran Ranks, while it is still worth your time to get to max level, it won’t be completely necessary with the implementation of the Champion System, which will replace the Veteran System in Elder Scrolls Online.

The Champion System certainly is something to be excited about, as the team has been phasing the system in through their updates. What is exciting is that they are also doing this with the justice system on the Elder Scrolls Online. Update 6 actually includes the first phase of the system, which will be the PvE side of the Justice System. Where players of Elders Scrolls Online can steal from vendors, pickpocket NPCs, kill NPCs, and have guards serve justice. Although the PvP part of the justice system will not be implemented just yet, it is still very exciting to see the first stage coming in to play for the Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve really enjoyed myself with the Elder Scrolls Online this year and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!



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