eBay Users Selling Anniversary PlayStation 4

eBay users selling Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles is not surprising, given the limited quantity of the console. However the price at which these consoles are being sold at is quite high, with some reaching over $3000. Most currently listed on eBay are hovering between $1000 and $2000, with people in the UK selling the console for £1994 or 3135.37 US Dollars. This past week in London a PlayStation ’94 shop appeared selling the limited edition console.

The 2oth Anniversary PlayStation 4 was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation that it is modeled after, which released in late 1994 in Japan. There are only 12,300 consoles in existence, which is a reference to the Japanese release date of the PlayStation console. At this special shop in London the first 94 in line could purchase the console for only  £19.94 but had to bring PlayStation related merchandise and say the secret phrase, “I crashed my Bandicoot.” After the consoles were sold quite a few appeared online, selling for very high prices. The highest of which was  £2300 or 3616.52 US Dollars.

Fergal Gara, Sony  UK chief, was a bit disappointed by the consoles appearing on the secondhand market. He acknowledges that this was inevitable, but that they wanted to appeal to PlayStation fans who would purchase and keep the console due to their love of the brand, hence the requirements to receive the console. About 800 more PlayStation 4 Anniversary consoles will be sold in the UK at £399 and many of those will probably show up on eBay too. The console first went on sale in North America after the PlayStation Experience keynote in Las Vegas, and available stock was sold out within minutes.

Each unit is individually numbered, allowing you to examine whether the one you received from online is a fake or not. The console and controller are grey and feature the original colored PlayStation logo as well as including a grey PlayStation 4 Eye and the standard headset that comes bundled with every console.