New Just Cause 3 Screens

Some new Just Cause 3 screens went up thanks to Square Enix, showing off more of the upcoming title. The game looks great, and appears to be in better condition than I would have speculated since it was just announced in early November as a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC title. Avalanche Studios are once again developing the next Just Cause entry and their last product, Renegade Ops, launched in 2011. Just Cause 2 was a sleeper hit in 2010 and while the initial commercial and critical reception wasn’t very enthusiastic, it has since become a source of fun for those who pick it up cheap.

Details are few but we do know that the game is set in the Mediterranean, on a fictional island called Medici. Rico Rodriguez returns but is still not played by the child actor unfortunately. You can expect the storyline to be Rico infiltrating the island, which is under an oppressive regime, and is tasked to take it down by causing lots of explosions. The grappling hook and parachute return and are joined by a wingsuit for better air mobility. Medici will also be more vertical than Just Cause 2’s┬áPanau.

Car surfing is a little new and most likely used in suicide runs when you’re car has C4 strapped to it and you want to escape at the last minute. Of course explosions return in full force as do helicopters, armored cars and tanks. Everything is much more detailed than Just Cause 2 and appears to have ditched some of the gloss present in that game. The game is also full of blue skies, green terrain and blue ocean, which is always a nice departure from the browns and greys of most modern titles.

All of the screenshots were focused on a particular area of the island which held a military installation with a satellite dish, a small town with dictatorship-esque statues, and terrain along the beach with natural bridges forming holes you can fly through. I believe this is the only area that is nearing completion and will probably be seen when gameplay is finally revealed.