OnePlus ROM in the works, alongside a contest

A OnePlus One ROM seems to be in the works, which is great news since OnePlus and Cyanogen aren’t best friends anymore, a fact proven by the patent infringement complain intended by Micromax that resulted in the OnePlus One being banned in India. The OnePlus ROM will be an optional UI that OnePlus One users will be able to install, but we aren’t sure if the development of the ROM has anything to do with the unexpected partnership between Cyanogen and Micromax.

The OnePlus ROM will be available soon, but until then the company announced that it would organize a contest to find a new name for their custom ROM. The winners will be receiving a OnePlus Power Bank or a trip to the OnePlus headquarters in Shenzhen China and a 64 GB OnePlus One smartphone. We’ve no samples or screenshots of the OnePlus ROM but fans are hoping that the new custom ROM will keep some of the customization functions we’ve seen in CyanogenMod 11S.

The OnePlus Power Bank is new, too, since it has just been announced and should be coming to the OnePlus store soon. The Power Bank price will be set at $15 and will pack 10.000 mAH, so that you can charge your phone three times in one go. The Power Bank has two USB ports so that you can charge two devices at the same time, which is neat, even though you can find better options out there. Nonetheless, the OnePlus Power Bank is a great option and a cheap one at that. You’ll be able to purchase it in white or black to match your interior design or whatnot, and it features a LED indicator that flashes when you shake the bank and the device wakes up.

We’re curious to see what kind of names will be proposed for the OnePlus ROM and we can’t wait to see the finalists of the contest. If you want to participate and have a good idea for a new name for the OnePlus ROM, you can read the terms and enter here.┬áThe OnePlus ROM is supposed to be close to stock Android and bloat-free as well as highly customizable, as per OnePlus. The contest will end on December 31st when OnePlus will choose their favorite 10 name suggestions for the OnePlus ROM. Each of the 10 finalists will receive a OnePlus Power Bank, which should be enough motivation to participate in the contest.