Final Fantasy XV English Trailer

Square Enix has published a Final Fantasy XV english trailer. The footage released is just the Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer with English voiceover. Its opening is still disjarring with a modern car being driven as a giant rock turtle awakens in the background. The English voices appear to adhere to stereotypes. You’ve got the hero, more of the silent type. Then you’ve got big man deep voice with tattoos. The one with glasses is the smart dude and the blonde is comic relief. Each of the voices in the Final Fantasy XV English Trailer match up with their characters easily enough.

The gameplay looks to be more action RPG than the turn based and tactical mechanics used in most mainline Final Fantasy games. This isn’t surprising seeing as Tetsuya Nomura was in charge of Final Fantasy Versus XIII which was what Final Fantasy XV was before June of 2013. Nomura left development of the title in order to focus on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hajime Tabata is now the games director, and has previously worked on portable titles such as Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Type-0 which is getting an HD re release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I loved Crisis Core so it’s great news that he will be in charge of this new Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy as a series has seen a bit of a drop in critical and commercial success, as ever since Final Fantasy XIII’s release it has declined in popularity. The Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis plan did not pan out at all like Square Enix intended, with the company even dropping their internally developed Luminous engine in favor of Unreal Engine 4 for Kingdom Hearts III. Final Fantasy XV will be the only Square game actually using the engine. A demo for Final Fantasy XV will also be available for a limited time upon the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can find the Final Fantasy XV English Trailer on Square’s YouTube page.