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Landmark going down for update
Massive update coming to Landmark

Landmark Goes Down Ahead of Massive Update

Landmark, formally known as Everquest Next Landmark, will be closing for 24 hours today. This is all in preparation for an upcoming massive update for the title.

On the Landmark forum, Sony Online Entertainment gave details on what players can expect from the new update. There will be an expansion of the world, as there will be caves that will allow players to dig down to the world’s core. New monsters, loot, and transportation systems will also be added. There will be new resource distributions and crafting changes. A part of the crafting changes will be the ability to salvage items. Sony Online Entertainment is also promising voice chat and big quality of life improvements. This means that there will be many new systems being applied to the title.

In Landmark, players will stake claims, up to two separate claims and six attached claims. In order to maintain a claim, players must pay for the claim through copper that can be collected in game, or use real money to purchase station cash to pay for the claim. At first, players can only pay one week in advance, but after several days of play can pay for rent two weeks in advance, and then twenty days in advance. If rent is not paid, all materials and props on the claim are placed in the player’s storage, and the claim is reverted to its original state. Buildings on the claim are saved as templates. If no one else claims the location, the player can reclaim it and use the templates to rebuild their buildings. If someone else claims the spot, the player will have to claim a different location, but all materials, templates, and props are still available for use.

Landmark is currently in closed beta. Players can gain instant access to Landmark by buying a Settler Pack, Explorer Pack, or Trailblazer Pack. Once a pack has been purchased, the game is free-to-play and will not require any more cash purchases. Landmark will be available again at tomorrow at 1 PM PST.

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