Pandora for Xbox One lets your listen to music while gaming

Pandora for Xbox One was just launched today and one of the features the app has involves you, gaming and music. While some of you might think that listening to music while playing Assassin’s Creed or Borderlands is redundant, there certainly is a niche of people who would like the new feature in Pandora for Xbox One. Pandora┬ájust announced that Pandora for Xbox One is now available for download.

Pandora for Xbox One comes at a great time, since playing Pandora stations directly from your Xbox One might come in handy at family gatherings where nobody can agree on the playlist. Pandora for Xbox One is optimized for TV and should look great on the biggest screen in your home. The new app features two new views, one displaying recent stations and the other displaying the time spent on specific stations, so that you can keep in touch with your own preferences and see how bipolar you can be at times. Jokes aside, the mini-player included in Pandora for Xbox One, with which you can gain quick access to music controls when browsing. Pandora for Xbox One also features Kinect Gestures and Voice Commands, so that you can interact even easier with the app.

Still, the best feature of Pandora for Xbox One in my mind is the Snap Pandora feature which lets you listen to music and play your games at the same time. I’m not usually the one to ignore a game’s soundtrack, but I do feel like all the gunshots make me woozy after some time, so the app would surely come in handy. I’m not an Xbox fan, so I won’t be testing out Pandora for Xbox One at home, since I own a PS3 at the moment, but I will check it out anyway so that I can maybe go over to my friend’s house and abuse his Xbox One to listen to music while playing COD or something. Even though the company motivates the launch of Pandora for Xbox One saying that more than 70 % of male gamers listen to Pandora while playing, I’m having a hard time buying that. Do you guys listen to music while playing games or do you prefer to be immersed in your game, soundtrack included?