World of Warplanes Invaded by UFOs and Giant Snowmen for Christmas

World of Warplanes is a free-to-play MMO in the vein of World of Tanks. To help celebrate the holidays, World of Warplanes will have a special mode for gamers to take part in.

Just in time for Christmas, World of Warplanes will receive a winter themed game mode to bring players some holiday cheer. In this Christmas themed map, players will be able to pilot UFOs and battle has a giant snowman watches in the distance. The update will come on December 18th, and will be free for players. The mode puts players in the cockpit of alien aircraft and fire snowballs at each other. The map that this battle will take place on is the new Lapland map. Along with the winter themed mode, the update will come with new achievements in 26 new missions. There will also be a new unnamed US aircraft, as well as bug fixes and matchmaking optimizations.

Similar to the MMO title World of Tanks, World of Warplanes puts players in the cockpits of warplanes as they battle in the sky. The game was released late 2013. World of Warplanes features over 100 different planes, all from different countries, such as Germany, America, the Soviet Union, and Japan. The planes come if three different classes: Fighters, Heavy Fighters, and Ground Attack Planes. All planes can be unlocked and upgraded through game progression. The game features 15 vs. 15 PvP combat, with two different modes of play: Training Mode and Standard Battles. Training Mode is aimed at rookies, as they learn the game’s controls while shooting still targets and moving targets through a series of lessons. Standard Battles see players destroying all hostile aircraft as they fight for air superiority. The game is free-to-play, and allows players of World of Warplanes to share accounts with World of Tanks, allowing gamers to share different currencies between games.

World of Warplanes is available on PC. The holiday themed mode will be available on December 18th.

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