Nexus 6 doesn’t come with a Turbo Charger in some regions

Motorola managed to impress us earlier this year when they announced and detailed the Nexus 6 smartphone. The latest device in the Nexus series comes equipped with a great display, great hardware, all at a reasonable price, all things considered. The company even throws in their highly acclaimed Turbo Charger if you purchase their device. This is definitely a great accessory to have as it can fully recharge the Nexus 6 in just a matter of minutes while most other charger require hours to do so. That said, the Turbo Charger is apparently not available in all regions, although Motorola themselves are not to blame for this.

Users in Australia are reporting that their brand new Nexus 6 arrived without the said charger in the box, which was instead replaced with a regular one. This is reportedly due to the fact that the Turbo Charger doesn’t meet the local electrical standards in Australia. I don’t know about you, but I never knew that Australia’s electrical standards were different than the rest of the world’s. Guess you learn something new everyday, ha? In any case, the folks over at Motorola announced that they are now working on special Turbo Chargers that meet the country’s standards but that it will take quite a bit of time until they are ready. In addition, Nexus 6 owners will have to use a redemption system if they want the accessory.

Motorola confirmed that the redemption offers will work for smartphones purchased both at retail and directly from the Google Play Store. As for when the new batch of Turbo Charges will be shipped, the company predicts that they will be ready sometime during the middle of Q1 2015. Meanwhile, Australian Nexus 6 owners will have to make due with the provided 850 mAh charger, which will likey require several hours to fully charge the device’s massive 3,200 mAh battery.